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Partnering With Us

You're Family Now

We work with operators of all shapes and sizes to bring made-from-scratch flavor directly to your kitchens, be it from our existing product lines or as a new custom creation. Our commercial and non-commercial partners come from every segment of the foodservice industry, from chains to healthcare to education and everything in between. We’re a family business, so we treat every one of our partners like they’re part of the family and we want to help you succeed by offering the best products made from the best ingredients.

Who We Partner With


When a large chain explored the idea of making their own guacamole from scratch, they ran into some very familiar problems: yield loss, massive labor costs, and handling issues. They went looking for a third-party solutions provider but were put off by the metallic taste that accompanies mechanical processing. Luckily, we were able to offer our hand-scooped avocado pulp as a shortcut to perfectly ripe flavor as well as substantial savings in labor and production cost. In the end, the brand was thrilled and so were their customers.


Guacamole is significantly harder than it looks due to labor cost and short shelf life, so we completely understood when a Mexican concept wanted to move from housemade guac to a pre-made version. The trick was trying to replicate the same texture and flavor profile from their original recipe. After working with multiple vendors, they went with Good Foods because we were the only partner who was able to hit the mark on chunkiness and clean, scratch-made flavor.


How does a national bagel chain introduce avocado toast and complex plant based dips without ballooning their back-of-house labor costs? The answer is single serve. By implementing single portion containers, the operator was able to bypass added prep time and upgrade their menu with an easy-to-execute strategy in thousands of stores.


Every C&U operator knows that students and staff are looking for more plant based options to provide a significant health halo over their menus. Working directly with a university system, Good Foods was able to implement plant based dips across their network in a wide variety of applications. We provided single-serve options for grab-and-go and snacks while our bulk products transformed entrees, handhelds, and pizza throughout dayparts.


When a major foodservice group needed clean label protein salads for use across segments, they relied on Good Foods. Ultimately, we crafted a brand new product line for use in healthcare, K-12, C&U, and restaurants with both bulk and single-serve packaging to meet their needs. Through our intensive R&D process, we were able to exceed expectations for flavor while delivering on nutritional value and clean labeling.