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About Us

Good Comes Easy

At Good Foods, we believe that it shouldn’t be hard to be good. Your customers want real food made from real ingredients and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve crafted our entire business to make our partners stand out with better-for-you foods that people can trust. We use high-pressure processing in everything we do to safely create fresh-made flavor so you can offer the highest quality products while saving time and money. Partner with us and you’ll realize how easy good can be.

Good People Make Good Food

At Good Foods, we’re a family-owned company that’s dedicated to freshness and safety through the power of high-pressure processing. We believe the future of exceptionally Good Food can be found in Good Ingredients and Good People. That’s why we search the globe to source the best raw materials grown by farmers who share our standards and passion. We care deeply about the food we make and we care just as much about the people we make it for, specifically the partners we work with and their customers. Ultimately, we’re on a mission to lead the food world towards food with higher integrity through innovation, connectivity, and the real value of goodness.

Making Mother Nature Proud

Good Foods is committed to becoming a zero-waste landfill facility. We have many efforts in place and believe in continuous improvement. A couple of examples of our best practices: Our avocado pits and skins are used in avocado oil production, our juice pumice feeds cattle, and our fuel conservation efforts are adding up to tens of thousands of gallons monthly.

The Secret to Our Success

At our core, we’re as much a technology company as we are a food company. Everything we make centers around the harnessing of cold water pressure aka high-pressure processing (HPP), the technique that allows us to create safe products while achieving the maximum amount of flavor possible and extending shelf-life without preservatives far beyond what thermal processors are able to achieve.


We believe so strongly in HPP that we’re a founding member of the Cold Pressure Council.