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The world can always use more good. And here at Goods Foods, we’re proud to do our part by offering products that are every bit as flavorful and fresh as they are healthy and natural. Simply put, we put the good in food.
Sliced avocado on a plate with an orange

Avocado Based

We use high-pressure processing to create unbelievably flavorful avocado products without the metallic taste of thermal treatments.
A platter of vegetables, crackers, and plant based dips

Plant Based Dips, Sauces & Spreads

Let our plant based dips and spreads pull double duty in dishes across your menu.
An avocado salad

Single Serves

One is the tastiest number with these perfectly portioned singles.
Chicken salad sandwich closeup

Protein Salads

For increased shelf life and safety, look to our line of protein salads that provide the comfort of homemade flavor.
A platter of vegetables, crackers, and dairy based dips

Dairy Dips, Sauces & Spreads

Take a dip into our better-for-you versions of your customer's favorite flavor profiles.
Various ingredients laid out on a dark table

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions will cut down on labor costs and prep time while providing scratch-made taste with 100% safety and no product waste.